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Save Hundreds of Dollars Thanks to Glass Repair in Reno

Glass can be expensive, especially when it’s high quality glass used for windows in a home or business. When something hits the glass and creates a small ding in it, it seems a shame to replace the entire glass. However, if left alone, the compromised glass will eventually start to crack and over time the glass will have to be replaced regardless. This process can be stopped, however, with the help of Glass Repair in Reno.

How Glass Repair Works

Glass repair is a fairly simple job. A resign is injected into the glass and allowed to harden. Then the resign is smoothed out so that it blends in with the glass around it. In some cases the glass will have to be prepped first, such as a small drill being used to create a slightly deeper hole so that the resign has enough surface on which to adhere. The process doesn’t take long and it’s very inexpensive as well.

When Glass Repair can be Used

Glass Repair in Reno can’t be used on just any crack. It is only good for small cracks and chips. If the crack is too long or too deep, then it won’t be possible for repair, and replacement will have to take place.

Who to Use for Glass Repair

The best choice for glass repair is a company that specialize in the type of glass that is chipped or cracked. If it’s an automobile, then an auto glass company is the best choice. For other types of glass, such as a skylight or a window, then a residential or commercial glass company may offer repair services. It’s up to the homeowner to determine who in their area can help with this issue.

Glass replacement is sometimes necessary. However, it’s important to have an expert look at the glass to determine if a repair will be effective first. It can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars – depending on the size and type of glass. Repairs are often covered by insurance without applying the deductible if the damage is caused by weather, so it’s worth looking into. If you’re in need of glass repair or replacement, then Click Here now.