Common Chimney Problems Requiring The Best Chimney Repair Service In New Britain, CT

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Roofing

If you use your chimney when it’s damaged, this unsafe practice can be dangerous for your family. A faulty chimney can allow smoke to penetrate your house or cause a house fire. A dilapidated chimney can collapse and turn into an expensive repair. Below, you’ll learn about common chimney problems and how a professional who performs the Best Chimney Repair Service in New Britain CT, can fix your chimney so that it’s safe.

Q.) Is it dangerous to have a cracked flue liner in a chimney?

A.) The liner in your chimney protects the area of your house that’s near the chimney from becoming damaged by the extreme heat from the fire. Cracks in the liner can cause the flue gases to seep into your home instead of exiting through the top of the chimney. These flue gases are harmful when you breathe them, and it’s hazardous to have them inside your home. It’s not uncommon for a flue liner to crack due to wear and age coupled with rapid temperature changes. A professional can easily replace a cracked flue liner so your chimney works as it should.

Q.) Is cracked mortar in chimney bricks a cause for concern?

A.) After years of use, the mortar between your chimney bricks can become loose and fall out. The mortar helps to protect the bricks from damage due to moisture. When the mortar is missing, water can get under the bricks and into the cracks in the bricks. As the temperature freezes, this causes the water in the cracks to expand, making the cracks bigger. Another danger of missing mortar is that it can cause the bricks to become unsteady and the chimney could eventually fall down. If you notice any cracks in the mortar of your chimney or any missing bricks, immediately contact a professional who performs the Best Chimney Repair Service in New Britain CT.

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