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What to Consider With Regard to Entry Door Installation in Naperville, IL

The front door is one of the first things a person notices when they arrive at a residence. What does the door say about the home? Is it well maintained and does it blend in with the rest of the structure? If the entry door to your home is lacking in any way, consider contacting a company that offers Door Installation in Naperville IL. They can help a property owner choose the right door for their residence, one that truly adds to the curb appeal of the home. Which type of door should one choose? Which material is best when making this crucial decision?


Wood doors remain the preferred choice of many homeowners. The owner can choose the desired species of wood and then paint or stain the door as desired. Today, some doors now come with a veneer skin placed over an engineered wood core, and this helps to prevent the door from swelling, warping or shrinking. Solid wood doors are prone to these issues. However, the door needs to be protected from the elements to minimize warping and the amount of maintenance required.

Fiberglass and Composite

A homeowner may wish to consider a fiberglass and composite door, as they tend to be very durable and require little maintenance. The only exception to this is when the door is regularly exposed to harsh weather, as this leads to the need for periodic resealing. One reason many homeowners now choose this option is the doors look and feel like their solid wood counterparts, but come with polyurethane-form insulation. In addition, they tend to have the longest warranty of the three main types of doors.


Steel doors consist of a 24-gauge steel skin placed over a wood or steel frame, and most contain high-density foam insulation within the core. A polyester finish is backed on the door, and this leads to the need for periodic resealing. Individuals may also choose a steel door with a wood veneer if they wish to stain the door or one with a vinyl coating which helps to improve the weather resistance of the door.

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