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Customize Your Home Lighting Plan With Semi-Flush and Flush Mounts

Semi-flush and flush mounts are a handsome, flexible option that maximize your lighting plan without congesting valuable vertical space. Since these fixtures mount very close to, or perfectly flush, with your ceiling, they cast optimal multidirectional illumination and preserve clearance in smaller rooms, tight spaces, and locations with lower ceilings.

A Wealth of Options to Choose From

Experts suggest at least 25 to 30 lumens per square foot for sufficient everyday lighting in common and private areas. How you choose to distribute those light sources is half the fun. The ultimate goal is a lighting plan that’s energy efficient, controlled easily and comfortable. Thanks to a plethora of different semi-flush and flush mounts on the market, it’s exciting and simple to find plenty that you love.

Durable construction boasting a sturdy fusion of metal, glass, and resin is standard on most quality semi-flush and flush mount illuminations in Victoria. Metallic finishes are also standard, imparting a timeless and elegant look that pairs with a wide variety of design schemes. A few examples include brass, nickel, chrome, platinum, and bronze. The list goes on, occasionally including bright, seasonal colors.

Location, Location, Location

Some of the qualities that differentiate semi-flush and flush mount illuminations in Victoria are purely aesthetic. Mounts come in contemporary, rustic, traditional, and transitional styles, making selection easier when aesthetic congruity is of the essence. However, there are many functional, less obvious, differences to bear in mind.

Functional differences in semi-flush and flush mounts evolve and multiply along with lighting technology. For a foolproof, straightforward way to narrow down your choices, think of where you intend to install your semi-flush or flush mount. Next, peruse mounts with options that complement your requirements.

Wet and damp rated mounts are designed for bathrooms and outdoor porches. Outdoor mounts bring refreshing light to sheds and gazebos. Dark Sky friendly mounts illuminate nighttime landscapes without causing light trespass or blinding glare. Once you discover all the mounts with options that fulfill your requirements, distill your choices by finish, color, style, or trusted brand.