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Consider these Essentials Before Beginning a Bathroom Remodel

Despite the clutter, clatter, and clanging of a remodel, it can be fun watching a dream bathroom being born. Before homeowners begin choosing flooring, lighting, toilets, or tubs, there are several considerations before them. At the end of the day, a bathroom remodeling for a Fort Lauderdale, FL, home comes down to individual homeowners and their needs. These individual needs are what should be considered before pen is put to paper to design a new bathroom.


If homeowners plan to stay in the house for many years, they should think ahead based on age. Will they require a shower and tub they’ll need help entering? They might plan on an open shower and a walk-in tub. Will they need a taller toilet? How about fewer cabinets taking up space in which they need to move about? Think ahead and plan the remodeling accordingly.


Everyone uses the bathroom for the same things: to prepare for the day, to end the day, and to relieve ourselves. Homeowners will need the right lighting with which to begin and end the day. There are back-lit smart mirrors available for those with a need for extra light. If there’s no natural light, homeowners should plan on adding windows. Toilets are available that self-clean, automatically raise and lower the lid and gently clean users.


Bathroom remodeling for Fort Lauderdale, FL, homes would be incomplete without planning for proper ventilation. Bathrooms are notoriously slippery from water, soap scum, and steam. Planning for a window in the shower eliminates some of this safety problem. Placing a window over the tub or on an outside wall not only provides natural light but also prevents the growth of mold.


Texture is vitally important in a bathroom. Smooth tiles make bathers more susceptible to slip and falls, while textured stone tiles or travertine tiles give bathers a better grip. Consider the age of the bathers and safety in general in the bathroom and design accordingly.