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by | Mar 23, 2018 | Roofing

The roof is a very important part of a home or business. A home is usually the largest investment an individual will make in their life, and a roof will protect it, the family, and belongings inside. A roofing company in Franklin should be chosen with careful consideration.

When a home or business owner, property manager, or insurance company needs to hire a roofing company, it is important to choose a company that has been in business for a long time. When a disaster happens, there are always companies promising inexpensive roofing repairs or replacements. These types of companies do not usually have an office location, often work out of their vehicle, and request payment in advance for all or some of the project that needs to be completed.

Roofing Materials On A Residential Property

The roofing material on a home can improve the curb appeal and value of a home. The roof should complement the architectural style of a home and keep it safe and dry. A locally based roofing company will help an owner choose the best roofing product for their home and budget.

Common Problems with Residential Roofs

Improper installation of flashing and shingles can cause a roof to leak and fail before the end of its normal life expectancy. Shingles that become loose from wear and wind were usually not placed in the nailing strip correctly. A cheaply priced roof repair or installation could end up costing an owner more money over time.


A top roofing company in Franklin should provide an owner with a certificate of insurance before they get on the roof. If the company does not have the appropriate insurance and someone is injured, a homeowner could be left paying the bills for the injured worker. The technicians working on a roof should be factory trained.

If your home or business roof needs to be repaired, replaced, or you need a new installation, the H.E. Parmer Company can help. They have been in business since 1889 and focus on providing quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. They are part of the better business and many other reputable organizations. For more information, please visit us

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