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Roof Replacement Services in Mandan, ND Prevent Major Leaks from Happening

Asphalt shingle roofs normally last about 20 years. Even if your roof right now is not leaking, you still need to have it replaced if it has been on your home a couple decades. Doing so will keep your family protected in case of a heavy rain or winter storm. You need to make sure your roof can handle most weather conditions.

Check the Wind Resistance

When requesting roof replacement services in Mandan, ND, you want to check out the wind resistance factor for the roof you select, as well as check the guarantee on the warranty. Many of the roofs that are made today are also fire-rated. Therefore, make sure you choose a roof that can stand up to weather extremes and has been rated for fire safety.

Enjoy a Lower Insurance Premium

If you choose a higher quality shingle roof, you can also report this home renovation to your insurance company. You may be able to enjoy a discount on your premium coverage.

Specialists who provide roof replacement services recommend that you replace your roof if you notice the following signs:

• The shingles are buckling or curling and losing granules. All these signs indicate that the roof has reached the end of its life expectancy.
• Shingles are missing from the roof valleys. When shingles are missing from these spots, your roof is vulnerable to leaks.
• The chimney flashing needs to be updated. If your flashing is fitted with tar or cement, you need to replace it with a metal flashing system.
• Granules appear in the gutters. Roofs tend to lose granules when they no longer are useful. If the granules have worn off, you will notice inconsistent coloring on the roof.

Needless to say, the signs mentioned above are strong indicators that you need to schedule a new roof installation. Take advantage of the new roofing materials currently on the market and install a roof that will hold up well in most weather conditions. Your new roof should serve you well for another 20 years. Click here for further details today.