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Give Your Home Personality by Designing a Mailbox Made From Wood

Your mailbox doesn’t have to be a container that holds all of the mail you receive. Instead, it can be an accessory for your home that showcases your personality if you follow a few simple tips.

Rustic Designs

When choosing the materials for your wooden mailbox, consider an older log that can be carved into the shape you want. This would give it a rustic look with little painting as many older logs have beautiful striations and designs already in them. Staining the log can add some color if you don’t want it to look plain.


The post on your wooden mailbox should be one that’s sturdy but creative. A man carved out of wood or designed with wire is an option. You can use different materials to decorate the man throughout the year when the seasons change. The man can also be designed to showcase your personality. An example would be to put overalls on him if you like working outside or a pair of dress pants if you like fashion.


Use your mailbox as a trellis for plants. Make sure the box is large enough to hold all of your mail before adding the trellis underneath. You can plant flowers around the base of the mailbox or get tall plants that wind their way up the side of the trellis and wrap around the box. You want to keep them clipped away from the door of the box so that they don’t interfere with mail delivery if you choose this option.

Contact Beaver Dam Woodworks for more design ideas for your next mailbox.