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Glass Repair In O’Fallon MO Will Keep A Building Looking Like New

When the glass on a building is discolored, broken, or has a fogged appearance, the entire structure can look old and dated. Panes of glass that are older can become scratched from debris blowing against them and cause the view to be less than favorable. When the glass has been damaged by wind, hail, vandalism, or any other type of accident, it’s time to call a company that’s experienced with Glass Repair in O’Fallon MO. They can quickly measure the area that needs to be replaced and install a new piece of glass in a short amount of time.


The first impression of a business can attract or turn away customers. The entry to a business should always be stylish and never include cracked or discolored glass panels. A glass repair and installation company can provide stylish designs for offices, restaurants, stores, and other commercial businesses that will improve the appearance of a building.

Door Repair

Safety glass in an entry door or other window areas are very important for safety reasons in the event they would break. Glass Repair in O’Fallon MO can install safety or security glass and hinges for a great appearance and easier operation. Commercial spaces can have a door that looks terrific after it’s been repaired when it’s installed by an experienced glass repair company.

Glass Furniture Repair And Other Needs

Glass furniture and barriers on a staircase can provide an open feeling in the area. When this type of glass is broken, a glass repair company can replace it. It doesn’t matter what size or thickness the glass was; they can cut the glass to fit the area.

Other Services

A glass repair company can provide the installation of new windows when the old ones cannot be repaired. They can also replace the screens, so insects and other unwanted debris don’t get into a building. They can also provide hardware for windows and doors.

When you need the glass in your home or office repaired or installed, Contact A M Richards Glass Co Inc. They have many years of experience replacing glass in a variety of situations throughout the area.