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Keeping Safe When Waiting For A Glass Repair in Reno

When an employee discovers a window in the building they work at each day has a crack within the pane, steps will need to be taken to get an effective Glass Repair in Reno as soon as possible. When waiting for a glass service to arrive, steps will need to be taken to ensure those on the premises do not become injured.

Here are some tips to use to keep employees safe when a window pane is broken.

Send A Notice To Each Employee About The Window

In a larger company it will be necessary to send a memorandum or email to each person working in the business to alert them about the problem. Specifying the exact location of the window needing repair work will make those in the building aware of its presence, helping to stop injuries as a result. In a smaller building, word of mouth can be used to let people know when a glass repair company will be arriving.

Block The Area So It Cannot Be Accessed

It is a good idea to place barriers around the window that needs to be repaired. This will be seen by employees and customers who are on the premises, helping to keep them away from the area. Keeping lights off near the window will help in showing the area is off limits until the window pane can be fixed.

Use Signs To Alert People About The Glass

If an area cannot be closed off for an extended amount of time, using signs to indicate there is a broken pane in the area will be necessary. The pane can be covered with a thick piece of cardboard with wording upon it saying the pane needs repair work. Signs can be placed on the wall near the window as well so people are sure to stay away from the pane. Caution tape can also be used around the window to alert people to stay away.

When there is a need to hire a service to do Glass Repair in Reno, finding one that will come to the business in a timely manner will be necessary. Click Here to find out more information or to schedule an appointment today.