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Why Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Is Not A Good Idea

There are some things that homeowners can do on their own that can reap results almost as good as a professional pest control company. However when it comes to pest control, hiring a professional service when there is suspected or unknown problems is always the best option.

To get a better understanding of why it makes the most sense, both practically and financially, to hire an expert, let us take a closer look at issues that are common when people try to handle pest problems on their own.

Dangers of Using or Combining Pesticides

It is important to remember that technicians are professionally trained to use the correct amount of pesticides to treat the inside and outside of your home. Mixing or combining pesticides or ones with other chemicals can create potentially toxic mixes.

The fumes or contact with the skin with any of these toxic combinations, or even just the pesticide itself, can cause potentially serious health issues. Not having the correct safety equipment and not knowing how to use the pesticides can cause a serious risk to both people and pets.

Limiting the Use of Pesticides for a Safer Environment

Often with do-it-yourself types of pest control, the “more is better” mentality tends to take over. This includes using more pesticides than is required. Not only will this practice lead to increasing the cost of treatment, but it may also create a hazard for both pets and children who make constant contact with treated surfaces.

Pesticides also move through the environment. When a professional pest service applies the pesticide, they consider the following factors to minimize or eliminate any of these issues.

Incorrect Treatment Methods

Many types of home treatment methods for pest control do not work because the method used is incorrect based on the type of insect and its life cycle stage. Using the wrong pesticide or trying to treat the pest in its dominant stage is a waste of time and effort.
Being able to correctly identify all pests present and then develop the right strategy to maximize control takes training, experience, and professional support.

Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

Remember, a top pest service is not just focused on getting rid of your current pest problem. They are also working to prevent further problems.

This can include helping you to identify areas of the home where pests are coming in as well as looking at annual treatments to help prevent the problem from occurring again. When you have a preventative program in place, you will find the cost is lower, feel more comfortable in your home, and can prevent insect damage as a factor.