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Wood Frame Window Repair in O’Fallon MO Retains the Character of Older Homes

Window Repair in O’Fallon MO is preferable over window replacement for owners of historic homes when they are trying to preserve the original character of the building. Many old, beautiful homes have had their traditional appearance tampered with by the swapping out of wood window frames for vinyl ones, or the elimination of old-fashioned storm windows in favor of new, energy-efficient glass. Although storm windows can be a hassle to put up and take down, they should be just as efficient as newer models of windows for retaining heat during the cold-weather months. Wood frames cannot always be repaired, but if this is possible, a skilled technician can retain the character of the building by giving the windows some tender loving care.

Homeowners should call for Window Repair in O’Fallon MO before the frames have deteriorated to what could be considered an emergency situation. This isn’t always possible, of course. Sometimes a person buys an older home in which the windows have not been maintained. In addition, wood window frames can become damaged if they are struck by hail, a falling branch during a storm or an errant baseball that was hit by a youngster in a neighboring yard. The need for glass replacement is likely in these scenarios as well.

Many old window frames are of more superior quality than is found from most current manufacturers. They have lasted for many decades and sometimes for more than a century. This isn’t to say that no modern manufacturers build high-quality wood frames, but those products generally aren’t expected to last for 100 years. Very old window frames typically were constructed from wood harvested from very old forests that had grown naturally, whereas today’s frames are built with lumber from young, managed forests. The quality of the wood is simply different.

Homeowners may look at rotted window frames in despair and assume they could never be restored. In many cases, however, technicians from a company such as A M Richards Glass Co Inc can bring those frames back to proper functional use and aesthetic appeal. Any need for storm window or other glass replacement can be completed as well.