Basic Tips for Appliance Repair in Shrewsbury MA

by | May 25, 2017 | Appliances

As with other major home appliances, ensuring that the washer and dryer remain in working condition involves a few basic maintenance tasks. When these machines are properly used, owners can avoid many future issues. Local companies offer Appliance Repair in Shrewsbury MA if a washing machine or dryer requires attention other than basic maintenance. Below are several tips for keeping dryers and washers from causing too much trouble.

Detergent Use

The owner should ensure that they only use the appropriate amount of laundry detergent when washing clothes. An easy way to avoid the hassle and expense of appliance repair is to simply be sure that the user always follows the guidelines for a particular machine.


For the dryer, it’s important to clean out the lint catcher before each new load is started. When the lint trap is clean, the dryer can work at its peak efficiency, and the clothes get dry faster.

Take a Proactive Stance as Far as Maintenance is Concerned

While it is sometimes simple to forget that there’s a load in the washer, constantly leaving damp or wet clothes in there can cause mold to build up. Ensure that the family never has to deal with such issues by being diligent about taking wet clothes out of the washer as soon as possible after the cycle is completed.

Perform Regular Inspections on Washers and Dryers

Regular, basic inspections can be instrumental in preventing issues with washers and dryers. Inspect both appliances every couple of months to ensure that there aren’t any loose parts or other issues. If a user finds a problem with a washer, dryer or other appliance, they should call a professional for Appliance Repair in Shrewsbury MA before it becomes a major hassle.

Most families take their appliances for granted, but a failed washer or dryer can put a real crimp in someone’s day. If a family needs repair on a washer, dryer or other household appliance, the experts at Business Name can help. To learn about how the company handles issues with household appliances that customers use every day, visit their website or call to schedule a repair.

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