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Are You Prepared for The New Termite Season?

As soon as the weather begins to improve and become higher in temperature, a wide range of termite species will be looking to invade a property to find food and breed, causing substantial damage. Professional termite control is required if you want to ensure you remove all termites and prevent any further infestation.

Do You Have Termites in Your Property?

Termites are so small that you may not see them working and living around your property, though they travel in such vast numbers that you may accidentally see them eating and chewing through your wood, flooring, or wallpaper.

Subterranean termites are well known by most termite control companies. They prefer underground areas, but also live above ground where the wood is moist and available. Your professional pest control company will recognize their distinctive tunnels that are used to collect food and protect themselves.

Dry wood termites are not usually found around Florida, existing mostly in South Carolina and Texas, but they may travel to your home in furniture, suitcases, or when you have been on vacation. They do not require your soil to be damp, and they enjoy spreading out around your property rather than living together.

Found mostly in southern Florida, damp wood termites require high moisture levels within wood, though they enjoy decaying wood as well. These are less likely to damage the structure of your property because they require a considerable amount of moisture.

Occasionally, Formosan termites are found in Florida and local states, and their favorite food is also wood, floorings, and wallpaper.

You can manage termites within your property by using professional termite control services. This requires a regular treatment and maintenance service to ensure that your property remains free of termites. A professional company will form a barrier around your property which will discourage termites from entering and seeking their favorite wood for consumption.