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How to Prevent Lawn Diseases Before They Begin

Everyone looks forward to the first lawn mowing of the year. This signifies the start of spring, better weather and the opportunity to boost your great looking strong green lawn. When you employ professional lawn care services, you will have experts analyzing the quality of your lawn so that you can prevent diseases before they develop.

Feeding Your Lawn

When your grass is deficient of nutrients, it begins to weaken, and this will encourage the roots to die as diseases take over. Your professional lawn care services will know exactly when and how to feed your lawn so that it can remain strong and green.

They will ask you how you intend to use the lawn area and if this involves pets, parties and children, they may suggest feeding the lawn more regularly.

As your lawn care service looks to increase the quality of the growth of your lawn, they will ensure that it is watered consistently and efficiently.
Where necessary, they will add a fungicide to control some lawn diseases. Where your lawn has started to turn yellow or brown or show spots of discoloring in different places, you may have disease problems beginning, and if you do not deal with them immediately, the roots of the grass may begin to die.

One of the advantages of hiring expert lawn care services is their experience and ability to see a problem and deal with it before it becomes uncontrollable. Their expert opinions will help deal with the problem before you may even have known that it existed.

Whether your professionals will be mowing the lawn, or it is a task you wish to complete yourself, when you mow the grass too short it weakens the strength of the plant, and it is more likely to suffer infections and diseases. Different types of grass require different heights for mowing.

When the grass is left to grow too long and is cut erratically, you may find a buildup of bugs and pests living in the grass and causing damage while spreading diseases.